For resources to help your church make an offer to the Common Fund in 2017, please visit our page here: Freewill Offering 2017

What is the Common Fund?

Each of the 43 dioceses receive money from three main sources:

  1. Its own investments;
  2. A contribution from the income of the Church Commissioners, shared out according to the wealth of the dioceses so that the poorer ones benefit most; and
  3. A contribution from the parishes known as the Common Fund. This is worked out by dioceses in different ways that all aim to be fair in sharing the burden between richer and poorer parishes.

Just as the parishes make a contribution to the dioceses, so the dioceses make a contribution to the national running costs of the Church of England. This apportionment is used for training new clergy and funding the Church's national response to matters such as education, social responsibility, communications, mission, ministry, ecumenical relations and so on.

So, the Common Fund from each parish is used to pay for:

If you want to know more about how the money is used, please view the short video below that explains about how the Common Fund works.

2016 Resources

This video explains where the money given to the Common Fund is used. We provided this video as DVD to every church (via the incumbent) – could you show this as part of a Sunday service? Where this is not possible, is there a social event at which it could be shown - could your PCC meet in someone's home where it could be screened? In a small church could you ask someone to share in on their laptop or tablet, pass the DVD around members of the congregation who can watch it at home, or get together to watch it in someone's home over a cup of coffee?

Resources From Before 2016