Fresh Expressions encourages new forms of church for a fast changing world, working with Christians from a variety of denominations and traditions. The initiative has resulted in hundreds of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches. You can find out more about Fresh Expressions here, and there are a series of seven resources giving all the essentials of fresh expressions of church in just 21 minutes:

  1. What are fresh expressions of church?
  2. Five reasons to start a fresh expression of church
  3. How to start a fresh expression of church
  4. How to start making disciples
  5. How to grow mature disciples
  6. Reproducing your fresh expression of church
  7. How to measure fruitfulness

If you're interested in setting up your own Fresh Expression of church, Share the Guide is a good resource.

In the Diocese of York, we have the following Fresh Expressions:

G2, York.

G2 meets every Sunday at 3.45pm at Burnholme Community College and during the week around the city in Cell groups. If you're interested in exploring the Christian faith, or maybe just find traditional church difficult, then G2 might be for you. G2 is a cafe-style event and we exist to help people discover and follow Jesus Christ. Visit for more details. G2 is part of St Michael le Belfrey, York

Visions Multimedia worship, York.

Visions is an alternative service which meets most weeks in St Cuthbert's church, Peasholme Green, York and is part of St Michael le Belfrey.

We have sofas and beanbags to sit on, the services are at candlelit level, the walls are painted with images and there are music and songs provided by DJs and singers. There is often space for discussion and creative prayer yet there is a sense of history and continuity as we follow the same set of bible themes as traditional churches. The service pattern is a bit complicated, but we have text reminders if you'd like to be informed of Sunday service times.

1st Sunday of the Month - communion at 8pm 2nd Sunday of the Month - Transcendence (see below) 3rd Sunday of the Month - low Visions at 8pm 4th Sunday of the Month - afternoon Visions at 4pm (this one aims to be child-friendly) 5th Sunday of the Month - night prayer at 8pm. For more details, visit

The Edge Community Project, Selby

The Edge community project is developing a vibrant Christian community on the Flaxley Rod estate, Selby. It is born of a partnership of St. James Church Selby and Church Army. Based on community action and service, we engage with families through loving relationships that offer practical help and support. Capt Richard Cooke leads the project and contributes greatly to the local primary school.

The Edge community is currently made up of fur families who are being called out of the existing church community and services to be the embryo of the new church, the adults meeting weekly on the estate to grow together, and seek to follow God's leading in mission.

We all gather together monthly on the school site, a gathering that is open to all that specific families are invited to; there is a strong community emphasis, with refreshments, games, crafts, a Bible story, creative prayer and song followed by a shared meal. For more details click here.

Christ Church Bridlington

The Christ Church Network, Bridlington has various forms of Fresh Expression throughout our network of churches. These include Fresh Expression Churches and Church Plants alongside our traditional services. These include:

You can find out more about these and all our other projects at

Scarborough Fresh Expressions

Projects include Alpha courses, summer missions on the beach (Summer Soul), prayer opportunities on the beach (Sacred Space), 'Street Angels', 'Healing On The Streets', 'On the Move' and many more. Visit to find out more.