Our vision of Generous Churches Making and Nurturing Disciples has been in place for several years. Following a consultation process in 2016, we adopted as our goals:

  • Reach people we currently don’t
  • Move to growth
  • Establish sustainable giving

These goals are beginning to shape our life as a diocesan family, as we seek to be people renewed for God’s mission. We are seeking national funding to support new mission initiatives towards achieving them, whilst other important ministries continue. We are now seeking to fill the new posts we have created to drive development and delivery in key areas.

The Reach goal is focused in two areas: People in Poverty; and those in their 20s – 40s. The new role of Director of Making and Nurturing Disciples will be responsible for the fruitfulness of the money and effort that we will invest in addressing the challenge of the under-representation in the worshipping and active life of the church of younger adults and people who are in poverty.

In being more focused on mission and growing the Kingdom, we recognise that the Diocese will be more expensive to run, so we must look to the generosity of our community to help us achieve a sustainable position overall. The key to this is the financial health of parishes, which derives from individuals seeing their giving as an aspect of discipleship – a joyful response to God’s generosity. Our new Generous Giving team will be responsible for making a significant and permanent difference in parish and diocesan finances.

These pivotal roles require people who are committed to our mission, and can draw on a proven track record of delivery. Do please take the time to look at these pages about our strategy, our new roles, and our Diocese. My prayer is that the right people will be inspired to join us in achieving our goals.

+ Paul Whitby

July 2018