However, we are facing fresh and pressing challenges as well as great opportunities. There is a growing sense that our Diocese needs God’s guidance and direction for how we might realise our vision over the next five years.

The Archbishop and his leadership team are offering three specific goals to every parish and the whole Diocese alike:

  1. Reach the people we currently don’t
  2. Move to growth
  3. Establish sustainable finances

These goals formed the basis of a major consultation exercise taking place during 2016.

This gave us the opportunity to listen to one another, to discover whether these goals reflect the hopes and dreams of the Diocese and, if so, what we would need to do to see them fulfilled.

The Archbishop’s Pilgrimage and tour of Deanery Missions have highlighted the many opportunities in our communities and reminded us of the value of prayer. The Archbishop is encouraging us to be “a people of prayer constantly being renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit”. As we seek God’s direction for the next five years, let’s do so looking to God’s Spirit to be guiding and inspiring us in all we do.

Please keep your Diocese in your prayers as we seek to discover God’s will for the next stage of our journey together.