This 12th-century Norman church was built in 1130 and restored in the 19th century by Gilbert Scott. The church includes some fine pre-Conquest sculpture including a cross and mass dial.

St Helen’s is also home to beautifully carved 13th-century figure, now believed to be of the Lady Alice Vavasour, that was restored during conservation work in 2014. The 18th-century Decalogue board was restored at the same time and can be seen behind the altar.

St Helen’s star attraction this summer is a modern version of the imagery that would have adorned the walls of the church in the medieval period up to the Reformation. The church knitters in Hartlepool have created versions of 33 biblical scenes, and these have kindly been loaned to St Helen’s. These modern pieces of religious art will be on display alongside St Helen’s wonderful medieval sculpture.

The Knitted Bible comes to the Medieval Church of St Helen

This series of open days will allow the public to see the knitted bible as well as enjoy the wonderful medieval features of St Helen’s.

Church Explorers - Church of St Helen, Bilton-in-Ansty