York and Leeds Diocese are combining for a joint 24 hour Pre-Retirement Conference at Wydale Hall.

During the first day session of this conference independent financial advisers from Ecclesiastical Financial Advisory Services will talk about the practicalities of retirement and preparing for retirement: pensions (Church and State), housing and finances.

Clergy of any age and spouses are welcome to attend this section.

The second part of the conference (for 55s and over only) will allow more time for questions and also reflection on the life changes that come with retirement, for example the opportunities and losses that come with the transition from full time ministry.

We will look at some of the possibilities for ministry or otherwise in retirement and consider the spirituality of this new stage of life.

A doctor will talk about physical health in retirement.

All this will be in the lovely setting of Wydale Hall, which offers space to step back, relax and reflect.

The costs of this are covered from the Clergy CMD allowance by application using the normal form.