Enabling mission can be like putting pieces of jigsaw together. The mission picture is incomplete without those people who are behind the scenes using their skills and gifts to allow mission to flourish.

If you are part of a PCC, management or trustee group for a church organisation that employs paid or volunteer workers OR you could offer skills in this type of ministry then this is the conference for you!
Conference Aims

  • to begin looking at what is involved in managing employees and volunteers through churches/independent Christian groups
  • to understand what is involved in running and managing church-based/Christian projects

The day will include:

  • two keynote talks on theological and motivational inspritiation for good governance and a broad overview of the main practical themes involved in the 'nuts and bolts' of doing it.
  • Workshops based on the themes covered in the morning.
  • Refreshments and a light lunch

Bookings or more information:

  • For more information please contact Andy or Jo Bowden - the Cleveland Archdeaconry Youth Consultants by email.
  • To book click here.
Enabling Mision through Good Governance