Have you ever felt that faith in God and science are mutually exclusive? Does the evidence of evolution render a Creator redundant? These questions frequently bother those exploring or battling with faith, yet those of us committed to Christ often don’t have the answers to engage in the debate.

This day long event will equip participants with some thoughtful responses and the opportunity to ask questions about this topic. It would particularly benefit those who are interested in the science/religion interface, and those who are in a position to discuss these questions with others.

Tom McLeish is a Professor of Physics at Durham University. His is a Lay Reader, licensed in the York Diocese, and is a frequent speaker in a number of contexts including the Greenbelt festival in 2015. In 2014 he published Faith and Wisdom in Science; he was then 2nd author for Let There be Science (2017) with Dave Hutchings, which has been written for a broad readership including high school pupils.

Cost: £25.00 including lunch and refreshments.

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