A Day Conference in York on the 10th Anniversary of the first prayer space...

The Prayer Spaces in Schools Day Conference is for everyone. It's for those who are just starting out and want to know how to take the first steps towards their first prayer space. And also for those who have run dozens of prayer spaces and want to take things further. It's for those who want to swap creative ideas, those who want to find new friends and collaborators, and also for those who want to explore the purpose and ongoing impact of prayer spaces more deeply.

The day will run something like this:

At 10am, the doors will open, and coffee and cakes will be available.

Then, at 10.30am, the programme will kick off with introductions to a few people, and with a summary presentation of stories and news from the last 12 months in the life of Prayer Spaces in Schools. It's been exciting!
At 11am, break into groups to swap stories and resource-ideas (please bring yours), before gathering back together to share some of them, and also to preview some brand new justice-themed resources.

Professor Julian Stern and Rachael Shillitoe will then present the preliminary findings from our research project into the impact of prayer spaces in schools (which some of your schools have participated in). There will be time to reflect and talk in groups afterwards and then engage in some Q&A with them.

Lunch will start around 1pm, and there will be an hour to make some new friends, and to explore the prayer space stories and resources that have been brought along.

The afternoon will kick off with a bit of celebrating - marking ten years since the first prayer space seemed like a good thing to do. This might involve (more) cake.

And then it's workshop-time; two sets of 'masterclass' workshops, led by experienced prayer space practitioners from around the UK. Some will involve a lot of content from-the-front, and some will be 'hosted conversations' to learn from one another as well. The workshops will be relevant for those who are just getting started, and for those who have already hosted lots of prayer spaces.

To close the day, everyone will gather back together for some final thoughts and reflections.

The workshops are likely to include:

  • "I'm new to this... how do I get started with my first prayer space?"
  • How to develop prayer spaces in schools across my town, area, county
  • How a prayer space can transform a school community
  • Working safely in schools, with pupils and with our teams
  • Prayer spaces in multi-faith settings
  • How to create great prayer activities
  • Prayer spaces and the education system, incl. SMSC, Prevent, British Values
  • The theology of prayer spaces
  • How to create effective permanent prayer spaces
  • Chaplaincy and prayer spaces

Lunch will not be provided, so please bring something or feel free to explore what the city has to offer.

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Prayer Spaces in Schools Day Conference