The following special services will be taking place alongside usual Sunday services:

  • Ascension Day 25th May:Eucharists at 10am at St John’s Baxtergate and 7pm at St Hilda’s Westcliff
  • Friday 26th May: St Hilda’s Priory Chapel Midday Worship at 12 Noon
  • Saturday 27th May: 9am St Bartholomew’s Ruswarp
  • Sunday 28th May: 6pm Service to launch ecumenical prayer walks around Whitby in St Hilda’s Eestcliff
  • Monday 29th May: 3.30pm at St Mary’s Eastcliff
  • Tuesday 30th May: 10am Eucharsit at St JHilda’s Westcliff
  • Wednesday 31st May: 3.30pm at St Mary’s East cliff
  • Thursday 1st June: 10am Eucharist at St John’s Baxtergate
  • Friday 2nd June: St Hilda’s Priory Chapel open for prayer vigil 10am – 4pm, including coffee and soup and rolls lunch (12.30-1.30pm)
  • Saturday 3rd June: 5pm Evening Vigil for Pentecost at St John’s Baxtergate
  • Sunday 4th June: 6pm Pentecost Service at St Bartholomew’s Ruswarp
As well as our usual Sunday and weekday services and regular Mid day