Church Times Green Church Awards

The Church Times Green Church Awards have two objectives: to celebrate the remarkable efforts made in recent years by individuals and congregations to offset the damage being done to the earth, and to set good examples before others who might be inspired to follow suit.

God calls us to be stewards of this earth and many churches from all denominations all over the counrty are already leading the way in making the extra effort to 'go green'.

There are five awards available, four to recognise inovative work already completed or ongong and one for projects that are still in the planning stages.

Entires will be shortlisted and featured in the Church Times this summer and an award ceremony fror the finalists will take place at Lambeth Palaceon 16th October 2017.

Therefore, dealines for entires is the 2nd July!


Have a read up on the awards available and get your applications in! Application forms can be downloaded from the Church Times website.

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