The Revd Tony Cotson previews a special art exhibition telling the human story of the fishing industry in Hull, being staged at St John the Baptist Church, this summer.

St John the Baptist, Newington, became known as ‘the fishermen's church’ during Hull's fishing industry heyday, at the heart of the Hessle Road community. St John’s was threatened with closure a decade ago, but has turned round, done great work in the community, extended the building, appointed a children and families worker, and has won a Creative Communities grant for 2017 for making the church a cultural venue for the area.

A creative collaboration between art students, local artists, St John the Baptist Church and local fishing groups, the Fishing Heritage Art Exhibition will retell the rich story of Hull’s fishing heritage and engage and educate a younger generation, with school visits booked in every weekday afternoon.

Major features include:

For more information and to see more pictures, please visit the Hull Fising Heritiage Art Exhibition Facebook Page or the St John the Baptist Facebook Page