BRF Messy Church’s new project ‘Messy Church Does Science’ brings together faith and science under the safety-spectacled eye of ‘Dr Dave’ to show how ‘science is welcome in church’ ‘and those who are fascinated by science are welcome too’.

With a grant awarded by Scientists in Congregations, Messy Church has been able to develop resources, including a book to explore the ‘big thinking’ and ‘big questions’ link between science and faith and has included help from working scientists and theologians.

Messy Churches are hot on discovery, experimentation and exploration; could we encourage even more Messy Church groups to feel confident about using science in the activity time, so that families would understand that the Church celebrates science and rejoices in it?

Lucy Moore, founder of Messy Church

There are over 3,735 registered Messy Churches throughout the UK in over 20 countries worldwide and an estimated 500,000 people attending each month. Over half of those that attend a Messy Church have had little or no previous connection with church. The project’s aim is to demonstrate that science and faith are complementary, and help children and adults appreciate the wonder of creation. We want to give Messy Church leaders the confidence to do riskier hands-on activities and be happy sharing basic scientific principles along with the biblical theme.

You can find out more about Messy Church Does Science on the Messy Church website.

There is a Messy Church Does Science book full of ideas and tools to use science to explore aspects of the Christian faith. This resource seeks to demonstrate that science and faith are complementary, and enable children and adults alike to appreciate the wonder of creation. 100 sizzling ideas from a range of contributors provide inspiration for the Bible-based activities element of Messy Church.