Churches throughout the Northern Ryedale area have a problem...

Every year, hundreds of parents have their children Christened in Church, but then the families are rarely seen again.

A campaign has started, involving primary schools, so that families may re-engage with the Church.
It is hoped that all children baptised in the last five years will be contacted. Additionally, all schools will be asked to take part in a painting competition to be judged by two well-known local artists. Prizes will be awarded to the winning children in three separate age groups and to the winning school.

David Billett, Annika Dowson, Helen Goodman and Simon Mumford are a group of 4, and are members of our Deanery, each of whom has a responsibility for different aspects of ‘Celebrating Baptism’.

They have launched a campaign throughout the Deanery, to encourage and welcome people back to the Church together with other churches. By focusing on Baptism, they hope to encourage children and their families to re-engage with the Church.

The aim is to deepen people’s faith by focusing on what Baptism means to us and to take part in a renewal of our baptism vows.

On Saturday 2nd September 2017 there will be a day for all the churches in the Deanery to gather together and CELEBRATE BAPTISM. Children and adults who have been baptised in our churches during the last 5 years will have a personal invitation to this. Others are welcome also especially parents, grandparents and godparents. Local schools will also be invited to become involved.

17 schools in the Deanery have been approached to encourage the children to take part in a competition which will be judged by two well-known local artists - Bridget Gillespie and Jonathan Pomroy. Prizes will be awarded to individual children as well as to the school that is the overall winner. There will be three different age groups.
Children are invited to produce a painting or drawing which can be in any medium: watercolours, poster colours, charcoal, crayon or pencil. The size to be A4. The subject should relate to some aspect of Christian teaching.

Examples could be: Christmas, Easter, Harvest, baptism (christening), wedding or a Pet service. Anything which the child connects with Church. Information will be in the schools.

The competition was launched in February 2017 for completion by 7th July. All participating schools will receive a Certificate signed by the Bishop of Whitby and the Archdeacon of Cleveland.

The winners will be announced at the Family Day of fun events and worship on Saturday, 2nd September 2017 using facilities in Gillamoor village.


For further details and information, contact Annika Dowson or 01439 771075