“It’s Time to Check the Gutters!!”

The torrential rain we’ve had in Yorkshire recently should be turning our minds to building maintenance priorities for the Autumn.

We all know that the guttering on any building is one of the main lines of defence against water getting inside and causing internal damage. So even if you do “nowt else” please check that your rainwater goods are in good condition and your gutters are running freely before the next bout of rain hits...

It’s not too late to take advantage of the special funding available to Places of Worship in Yorkshire for Gutter Clearance works. Yorkshire Places of Worship can apply for a Preventative Maintenance grant from the National Churches Trust which will pay 50% of the cost of a gutter clearance service booked through the MaintenanceBooker website.

Register now for MaintenanceBooker at www.maintenancebooker.org.uk and find out how to apply for a gutter clearance grant at www.maintenancebooker.org.uk/grants.

This week I have managed to get out and about to record another MaintenanceBooker gutter clearance job at All Saints' Church in Crofton, Wakefield (my home ground). All Saints' is another Place of Worship that has received a 50% gutter clearance grant. I was brave enough to get up on the roof to take this picture of Joe and Jim of Building Conservation Solutions Ltd in full flow.

If you’ve already registered for MaintenanceBooker (and a lot of you already have) but not yet got around to requesting quotes for a gutter clearance or applied for a grant, why not get ahead of the game and get sorted now before the summer is finally gone? We’ll be on the countdown to Christmas soon!

Janet Edmond

Project Manager (Yorkshire Maintenance Project)

Tel: 07734392445

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