The Mailing was launched in 2017 to replace the monthly postal circulation.

You can download the current Mailing and (as they become available) some recent back issues below.

The Mailing is designed to be read on screen (it will often contain links); please don't print it unless you really need to.

Other downloads will open from links within The Mailing but are grouped with it below as backup.

If you have technical problems with The Mailing please contact the Diocesan Communications Manager on 01904 699530 or

TheMailing 11 July 2018

TheMailing 6 June 2018

TheMailing 9 May 2018

TheMailing 10 April 2018

The Mailing 6 March 2018

The Mailing 6 February 2018

The Mailing 9 January 2018

The Mailing 5 December 2017

The Mailing 7 November 2017

The Mailing 10 October 2017