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What is Thy Kingdom Come?

The Archbishops o Canterbury and York have written to every serving parish priest in the Church of England expressing their longing “to see a great wave of prayer across our land, throughout the Church of England and many other Churches”. The Archbishops are inviting churches to pray for the evangelisation of the nation during the week between Ascension Day and Pentecost.

Here is a message from Archbishop Justin Welby looking ahead to these 10 days of global prayer from 25th May to 4th June. His hope is for Christians to have the joy and confidence to share their faith so that more people may know the love of Jesus Christ in 2017 and beyond.


What is Thy Kingdom Come?

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The aim is simple and threefold:

  1. To commit to praying with God's worldwide family
  2. To hold prayer events of different kinds and in different places
  3. To pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit, finding new confidence to be effective witnesses to Christ Jesus.

In line with the three aims of Thy Kingdom Come, there are three styles of prayer events and activities for all; churches, families, schools and individuals with which to engage during this time.

  1. First and foremost, is to encourage a movement of prayer everywhere. Take this opportunity to enrich your prayer life. This can take the form of individual prayer, or prayer in small groups, dedicated prayer meetings, 'prayer rooms', whole nights of prayer, 24/7 prayer gatherings, prayer walks, or special services. There are many more ideas and resources for both groups, families and individuals on the Thy Kingdom Come website: thykingdomcome.global
  2. Secondly, the week of prayer will culminate in ‘Beacon Events’ around the country over Pentecost weekend, where people will gather and pray for the renewal of the Holy Spirit to ignite and to inspire worship and intercession, for a generation to rise up with a fresh passion and confidence for the proclamation of the Gospel. BeaconEvents are open to all and young people are particularly encouraged to attend. Details of Beacon Events around the country can be found on the Thy Kingdom Come website. There will also be a Beacon Event held in York Minster on Pentecost Sunday which falls on 4th June from 7:30pm (doors open from 7pm).
  3. Thirdly but not least by far is, for groups of churches to join together for mid-sized prayer events and activities. This includes but is not limited to be within Deaneries or ecumenical groups in similar areas. Some schools will feature Thy Kingdom Come in worship on Ascension Day, 25th May. There are specific resources for schools on the Thy Kingdom Come website which includes resources for families and Messy Churches for the May half term.

'One of the joys of my Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness, and Blessing last year was seeing people of all ages come to know Jesus Christ, or return to faith in Him. It is my prayer that we shall continue growing in confidence to share Christ; that we shall see the Holy Spirit bringing joy, healing, reconciliation, and hope to many, and bringing new life both to Church and community, to the glory of God the Father”.
“Remember, whilst the big events are fantastic, Thy Kingdom Come is really about being part of a movement of prayer – so small is beautiful, for Jesus says ‘where two or three gather together in my nameā€¦’ ”

Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu

Thy Kingdom Come Contacts

Look out for updates on here and the other Diocesan platforms. If you are planning an event please let us know so that we can share it with others and support what you are doing in prayer.

In the meantime, please contact the following people in your Archdeaconry for advice and support:

East Riding

Revd Matthew Pollard - matthewpollard@btinternet.com

Revd Eve Ridgeway - everidgeway@gmail.com


Revd Rob Suekarran - rpsuekarran@gmail.com


Revd Carol Backhouse - curate@cofe-northallerton.org.uk

Please go to the Thy Kingdom Come website for more information and resources: thykingdomcome.global

"My sincere hope is that our Thy Kingdom Come prayers will inspire us further to seek God's Kingdom of justice, mercy and peace in our communities here and throughout God's world. I pray that many in this Diocese may be given fresh boldness to share Christ with friends and neighbours. As a Church may we learn both how to invite others and to make them fully welcome, so that together we may discover the joy and adventure of following God's call in Christ. I look forward too hearing how Thy Kingdom Come goes in your area of the Diocese. Remember, whilst big events are fantastic, Thy Kingdom Come is really about being part of a movement of prayer - so small is beautiful, for Jesus says 'where two or three are gathered together in my name..."

Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu

Archbishop Justin Invites Us to #Pledge2Pray

This year the Archbishop of Canterbury is calling us to #Pledge2 Pray that others will come to know the love, forgiveness and freedom of a life in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pledging to pray is simple, just to the Thy Kingdom Come website to pledge online and join the worldwide community of Christians who are pledging to pray this year.

Also on the website are stories and articles all about the power of prayer and how it can change lives. It's regularly updated with more inspiring stories, to encourage you on this journey of prayer. Click here to go straight there.

Support & Resources

We do ask that you continue to hold Thy Kingdom Come in your prayers and encourage you to think about how you can take part.

If your church is planning to join the week of prayer, please let us know about it by emailing comms@yorkdiocese.org, so that we can help you share it and pray for you.

There are loads of resources online to help get to started. These can be found on the Thy Kingdom Come website. Resources include downloadable PDF packs on how to pray on your own, with your family and as a church. There is something for everyone, even a guide to using social media. The website is a brilliant tool and we urge you to have a look.

If you would like hard copies of these text resources and would like to see what else is available, please visit the associated site here. We can highly recommend the Kingdom Kits, especially the family packs. We have a sample kit on our office, so if you're popping in and would like to have a look, just let us know!