An opportunity to minister in one of the most scenic and historically significant areas in the North East. The area has a strong Christian heritage reaching from the long past, but there is much that is exciting taking place today. There is much potential in the role of the Church of England here for the future, serving these communities, inviting people of all ages to be disciples of Christ, and equipping them to be ambassadors for a living and dynamic faith. We are looking for a parish priest who has a love of God and his people, has a secure prayer life, and will keep a vision of the parishes’ potential, as well as understanding the practical issues that are relevant to living and ministering in moorland villages.

We offer our Vicar:

• enthusiastic and committed lay officers and ministers including a very active ‘retired’ priest, 1 Reader and another in training
• the opportunity to work with us on further developing faithful, welcoming communities with strong and varied musical tradition
• good links with local ecumenical partners plus a strong and cohesive deanery, offering support and encouragement in ministry and mission
• an attractive, newly refurbished 4 bedroom vicarage within 20 minutes walk of the beach at Runswick Bay.

We seek a priest who:

• is a generous, compassionate and community-minded person, able to help us deepen our faith and understanding of Christianity
• is an effective leader of worship, warm and welcoming
• will be nourished, physically and spiritually, through the joy of living in such glorious coastal countryside, and valuing rural life, not seeing it as a difficult challenge.
• is willing to engage with, and lead, learning in the communities in the Benefice
• will continue to work with the schools and maintain the very warm and trusting relationship between teachers, children and clergy; and encourage involvement of younger people in church life
• is ecumenically generous, fostering connections already in place with Methodist and Catholics in relevant village contexts
• will work within the new organisation of the Deanery to support and bring to fulfilment the vision for the Deanery
• is keen to maintain our tradition of welcoming visitors to our congregations.