A survey by the Theology department of York St John University is assessing responses to the COVID-19 crisis among churchgoers in the UK.

Compiled by the Revd Andrew Village, Professor of Practical and Empirical Theology, and the Revd Canon Professor Leslie Francis, Visiting Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, the questionnaire asks about people's own experience and reaction to the outbreak, as well as opinions about how the church locally and nationally has responded.

Answers given are anonymous and will be treated confidentially, so participants can feel free to express their opinions.

"There are several sections that include questions about you and your church," explains Andrew Village.

"Please answer all of these if you are able because they will help us to understand how different people in different contexts have experienced the pandemic. It is better to go through each section fairly quickly, rather than spending too long thinking about your answer!"

More details about the survey can be found via the link below; it is estimated it will take 20 to 30 minutes and at the end there is an invitation to respond in your own words to what has happened.