Dear Ones in Christ

We are walking together into this holy time through Maundy Thursday to Easter Day. Thank you for our companionship together. We are very aware of all you are giving, enduring and discovering. None of us have trodden this ground before so we are each having to come to terms with the impact of that on us personally and in the way we care for those committed to us.

Between us we will go through a whole range of reactions and will probably be finding out new things about ourselves. Of course there is no ‘right’ response, and each day may find us in a different place in ourselves. All of us need to keep the roots nourished as best we can, in friendship, beauty, prayer, gentleness, rest and refreshment. We urge you to take good breaks, keep a rhythm of days off and holiday in these strange circumstances.

There is clearly a great deal of entrepreneurship going on! People are finding ways to be in touch and support folk, watching out for those who might be overlooked. We give thanks for the benefit of technology and all that opens for us. We also recognise that for some it is inaccessible or just a burden. The key thing, surely, is connecting with one another in whatever way we can. We are asked to keep a physical distance but we are called to extend and deepen relationships.

Abraham and Sarah were called to set out without knowing where they were going and it does feel like that at present. In the next days we are on the Way of the Cross, keeping company with Jesus, who in turn will walk with us until we recognise him on the Way.

The Lord be with you.

+Sentamu Ebor:
+Glyn Beverley
+Alison Hullen
+John Selby
+Paul Whitby