Most astonishing of all, plenty of churches report very large numbers of people joining their streamed services… Even when we do return to the sacred beautiful space of our church buildings … it is not one thing or the other. It is not a building or online. We want to do both."

Stephen Cottrell Archbishop of York Designate in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday 12 May 2020

Over half the benefices across our Diocese responded to a recent survey, with the vast majority offering online worship and other provision. Many churches have been amazed at the opportunities to reach new people online, and the majority intend to continue online worship after lockdown ends.

We’re keen to support this remarkable mission opportunity while recognising the capacity challenges it brings, especially when public worship resumes. Outlined below are two resource documents for any church to use, webinars to sign up to and links to help across specific areas which we will continue to update.

Everybody Welcome to the Future is about embracing an exciting future. Bob Jackson believes the church has a once in a lifetime growth opportunity through those who are connecting online. He suggests how to welcome people into church and faith today, and how to plan for a mixed in-person-online church future which can be found here.

Talking about the E word in a time of lockdown: Leading Your Church into Growth have created 7 very practical suggestions about online evangelism which can be found here.

You can listen to an interview with Bob Jackson and Harry Steele about the resources in episodes 4 and 5 of our new podcast The Other Side of the Boat

Webinars (online workshops)

We’re offering webinars to explore options for how your church and community could continue online as lockdown eases. They will be an opportunity to

  • Step back and look strategically at the ongoing place online church should play in your church’s mission and ministry
  • Explore different practical models for continuing to grow through online engagement
  • Find ongoing support to sustain the approach you choose

Links to practical help in specific areas