If you want to find or contact someone in the Diocese of York, you need our Diocesan Database, relaunched at the end of 2017 to replace the printed Diocesan Directory.

The database can be accessed through the Church of England Portal (select 'Contact Management System') along with other services such as Parish Buying, A Church Near You and Parish Returns.

This database allows us to manage information along current data protection guidelines with the added benefit of individual users being able to update their own data as and when needed.

There are instructions for how to get onto the database below (Database - Requesting Access) and then some top tips for how to use the database (Database - Getting Started).

If you have any questions about getting onto the database or how it works please contact Ehren Mierau, Diocesan Database Assistant on 01904 699538 or by email at ehren.mierau@yorkdiocese.org.

PDF Downloads on how to use the new Database