• TALK WITH GOD – Firstly we hope that individuals and worshipping communities will pray regularly for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for all those involved in this discernment process. A diocesan prayer has been written and we would encourage you to use it both personally and in public worship until the discernment process is complete.

    Faithful God,
    you guide your people
    and raise up leaders in every generation.

    We seek the person you are calling to be Archbishop of York.

    By your Spirit, give to all those involved in the appointment
    good counsel, holy insight and sound judgement.

    Keep the person you are calling under the shadow of your wing,
    and teach us all to trust in the guidance which is yours alone,
    through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • TALK WITH EACH OTHER – Do talk to those around you, both inside and outside of church and listen to what they have to say about the most important factors that the Crown Nominations Commission should be considering when making this important appointment.
  • TALK WITH US – Members of the Vacancy in See Committee and the Archbishops’ Appointments Advisor would like to hear from as many people as possible – you can contact them at nextarchbishop@yorkdiocese.org. To try to provide some framework for responses, the Vacancy in See committee are asking people to respond to as many of these questions as they feel able.
  1. What are the issues with which a new Archbishop should usefully engage at diocesan, regional, national and international levels?
  2. What qualities, skills, or leadership characteristics in Archbishop Sentamu’s ministry have helped you to grow in faith and/or to express that faith in day to day life?
  3. What qualities, skills or leadership characteristics will his successor require so that church and community life can be helped to flourish?
  4. What particular characteristics, qualities or skills will the new Archbishop need to fulfil the diocesan responsibilities given the regional, national and international aspects of the role?
  5. Are there any other important points that you would like the Vacancy in See Committee to know?

If you would rather make a written submission, please write to Canon Peter Warry (as Secretary to the Vacancy in See Committee) at Diocese of York, Amy Johnson Way, Clifton Moor, York, YO30 4XT or via nextarchbishop@yorkdiocese.org.

Alternatively, you can submit your answers online here.

ATTEND CONSULTATIONS – The Archbishops’ Appointments Secretary and the Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretary, together with members of the Vacancy in See Committee, will be present at two public consultations to be held in June 2019.

Please check the timetable for details as they become available. Whilst they are open to all, it would be helpful if you could sign up via the link provided (to Eventbrite) so that we have some indication of likely attendance.

The Appointments Secretaries will also be holding some private consultations with representative groups from across the diocese for which invitations will be sent out by the beginning of May.

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