Equipping God's People

Courses are available for anyone in the Diocese of York who wants to discover more of their calling to serve God in grassroots ‘ministry’ through their parish or workplace, and anyone who wants to learn more about the Christian faith to enable them to do this.

All participants of ministry related courses will be recommended by their incumbent and PCC. This is to ensure appropriate people attend and that parishes have considered the implications of encouraging shared ministry. Those learning new skills and discovering increased confidence should be encouraged and used wherever appropriate.

The courses are none certificated and are designed to encourage, give confidence to and improve skills in key areas of ministry. Ongoing courses will be provided to build on this.

Each Equipping God’s People course focuses on a specific area of ministry, whilst each Foundations of Faith course covers a key area of foundational Christian teaching.

Trained tutors will be available to deliver courses to parishes and/or deaneries throughout the Diocese, allowing geographically flexible responses to local situations.

Courses will be monitored and co-ordinated through the Diocese of York’s Training Team

All courses are short, self contained and ecumenically open. Equipping God’s People (EGP) courses are usually 4-6 sessions, and include topics on:

The 6 ‘Foundations of Faith’ (FoF) topics consists of 2 sessions each. For more information on the courses available, download the brochure below.