Reader ministry is a public licensed ministry in the Church of England. Through their preaching and teaching and in their pastoral work, Readers help others explore the Gospel message, encourage people to make connections between the church and daily living, and share in the Church’s work of caring for people in Christ’s name.

What do Readers do?

  • Readers lead acts of worship, by themselves and with clergy;
  • they help the good news of Christ come alive through explaining the Bible and Christian belief, through preaching and in other ways;
  • some Readers have a ministry in their workplace, or in a hospital or other setting
  • Readers agree to be deployed according to the needs of the Church: on occasion this means being licensed to a parish other than the one from which they come;
  • they have a ministry both to those who are committed church members and to those who are not

What kind of person can be a Reader?

Reader ministry is an important part of the life of the Church of England, in parishes of every tradition.

All sorts of people become Readers – of all ages, and from all backgrounds.

All Readers are expected to conform to the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy. Please see our Safeguarding page for more details.

‘As a Reader I’ve learned to use gifts I didn’t really know I had – and I’ve helped others grow in the gifts God has given them.’

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