The Discernment and Selection Process

In the first instance, you will need to talk with your parish clergy, whose support you will need, and who can put you in touch with the deanery Sub-Warden for Readers.

The Sub-Warden will be able to support and guide you through the application process.

If you apply for training you will be invited to a discernment day, at which you will have the opportunity to talk about your faith and your sense of calling. The panel will assess your potential to serve as a Reader. On the basis of the panel’s report, the Warden of Readers will advise the Bishop, who is responsible for making the final decision.

"Readers are much-valued ministers, carrying out a range of duties in parishes across the Diocese," says Warden of Readers the Ven Dr Amanda Bloor.

"It’s an exciting and multi-layered form of licensed ministry and I’m keen to encourage people to consider if it’s something that God might be calling them to explore."

For all enquiries or if you are unsure who you need to speak to please contact the Enquiries and Selection Administrator by email

Training for Reader Ministry

If you are considering offering for Reader Ministry you will probably want to know a little about the approach we take in the Diocese of York to Reader Training.

The following documents will give you a flavour of our underlying principles and our practice, including some information about the requirements, both national and local.

If you have any questions about what Reader Training might look like for you personally then please contact Lynn Comer, Director of York School of Ministry and Diocesan Director of Reader Studies, who will be happy to have a conversation with you.