Your first conversations should if possible be with your local church leader; this may be very quick or it may take several meetings as well as much prayer. Alternatively, if you're under 32, you might like to contact the Adviser for Young Vocations, the Revd Jackie Doyle-Brett.

If, after this, you would like to explore your calling further, they will put you in contact with the vocations network coordinator, the Revd Nick Bird, who will put you in touch with one of the team of six Vocations Advisers located around the Diocese (they are all serving clergy themselves).

Again, there may be one conversation or several, with prayer; if the Vocations Adviser believes that your calling may be to ordained ministry, they will arrange for you to meet with Diocesan Director of Ordinands the Revd David Mann.

David may arrange to meet with you several times, and will probably suggest some subject matter for prayer and reading.

If David agrees that your calling to ordained ministry should be explored further, he will arrange for you to meet with one of the bishops; after your meeting the bishop will discuss it with David, and consider whether to sponsor you to attend a 'BAP' - a Bishops' Advisory Panel - which selects those who will go forward to train for ordained ministry.

If at any stage in the discernment process you conclude that your calling may be to another recognised ministry within the Church (such as Reader or Recognised Pastoral Assistant), you will be put in touch with an appropriate adviser who will be support you in that process of prayer and discovery.

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