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Retreats and Pilgrimage

Whatever the shape of our lives, we all need time to retreat, reflect and have space for recreation.

Retreats, quiet days and pilgrimages are valuable spaces to reconnect with God and ourselves, reflecting on everyday faith and the ordering of our lives. Sometimes this needs to be done individually, and sometimes collectively, sometimes informally as a personal daily walk, and other times more structured and away from the business of everyday life.

There are plenty of places in this diocese and beyond which offer opportunities for retreat. Some of these have programmes to explore a particular theme or aspect of faith, whilst others simply offer space for quiet study and prayer. Wydale Hall, the diocesan retreat centre, has much to explore, including being part of its prayerful community. 

Pilgrimage has also been part of Christian journeying for centuries. It is often a physical journey from one place to another, made alongside a spiritual journey that deepens our relationship with God. There are many places we can take a pilgrimage, sometimes they will be well-known routes, and others may be a simple route between churches in your benefice or deanery. 

Useful links:

Wydale Hall

Wydale is the diocesan retreat centre, and is an informal prayerful community. Wydale is available for private retreats and groups, as well as having its own programme throughout the year.

St Hilda’s Priory, Whitby

St Hilda’s Priory is the home of the Order of the Holy Paracelete, an Anglican religious community for women. The priory is the Mother House of the community, as well as welcoming guests for retreat. 

The Retreat Association

A national ecumenical Christian organisation that helps people find ways of exploring and deepening their journey with God through spirituality and prayer.

The Quiet Garden Movement

A network of beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces for prayer, stillness, contemplation and an appreciation of the natural world.