Do you take card?

You can take your church collection by contactless card this Christmas!

As less and less people carry cash, it’s becoming increasingly important for parishes to look at alternative ways to receive donations. There’s a new category on the Parish Buying website to help churches consider the different types of contactless machine.

Alongside small hand-held card readers (which cost as little as £19 each) there now are more sophisticated self-service donation units available for churches to buy. To find out more visit the Parish Buying website by clicking here.

Why card readers?

Card readers are an easy and efficient way of collecting donations and taking payments for service fees.

The way we make payments in our day to day lives is changing rapidly, especially for younger people. Many people no longer carry cash on them, which impacts on donations particularly for wedding guests and other visitors wishing to give to support our churches. With card readers, your community can choose the way they want to give money, in a way which suits them.

The Church of England, through Parish Buying, has collaborated with two providers to offer card payment devices at discounted prices, for less than £20. This means that installing easy and convenient payment systems are affordable and accessible to all our parishes.

The technology can be used in a number of different ways, and we are excited to see what our parishes come up with in terms of creative uses for the service: So far parishes we know have used the devices for;

  • Collecting one off donations from visitors as part of a retiring collection,
  • Taking payments for wedding fees, and paying for hall hire,
  • Taking payments for cakes at a village fair

If you would like further advice or information about getting the facility in your church, details can be found on Parish Resources by clicking here