The Archbishop of York introduces the Parish Giving Scheme

In a short video, the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, introduces and endorses the Parish Giving Scheme within our diocese.

"We're launching this Scheme which is quite simply the simplest and most efficient way for people to give as generously as they can to the work and witness of the Church - so please look into using the Parish Giving Scheme in your church."

What is the Parish Giving Scheme?

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a 21st Century approach to offset one of the greatest threats to parish income which is static giving. Donations through this Scheme are made by Direct Debit, and can be given on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Each donation is directed to that individual's parish church, and PGS claims the Gift Aid on your behalf.

If this Scheme becomes the principal giving method for your church, you will be offering inflation-proofed giving, reducing your administration. This will release your parish to focus on other important priorities.

Benefits include:

  • fewer cash donations means it is lower risk for volunteers counting and banking money
  • donors have the option to increase their gift by inflation, maintaining the value of their gift and sustaining the church's mission and ministry
  • donors can set up their giving through the PGS website, phone service or a paper form, depending on their preference
  • Gift Aid is claimed by the Scheme, so administration for your local church is reduced, saving time and work
  • the Scheme is offered free of charge to churches and donors
  • the Scheme transfers the gift and the Gift Aid to your parish bank account on a monthly basis, improving cash flow and the security of gifted income

Registering your Parish

The Parish Giving Scheme is available across the Diocese of York from June 2020, and so from now any parish can register and promote the Scheme to your community. In order to be a part of the Scheme, your PCC must first agree to register for the Scheme, and complete a Registration Form:

Once you have completed your Registration Form, you will need to send it along with a paying in slip to your Diocesan Giving Officer. If you are not already working with a Giving Officer, the team can be contacted here.

Giving through PGS

In this short animation, find out how the Parish Giving Scheme works for givers. This video explains how the Scheme works, the benefits it brings, as well as sharing information about the 3 ways to set up and manage your giving.

Downloadable Guides

If you would make use of our diocesan PGS guides, you are welcome to download or share these below. You could email them around to your community, print and distribute, or include them on your own church website.

3 Ways to Give

In early 2021, PGS launched their digital service, allowing givers to set up their giving through the PGS website. Every church has a landing page which draws information through from A Church Near You, making it really easy for people to find the correct church and reducing friction. Statement Receivers can also download monthly statement from within the website, and can save a free QR code to help promote the Scheme to your community.

With the launch of the new website, there are now 3 ways to give through PGS, depending on individual preference:

  • the website
  • the phone line
  • the paper form
A digital flyer is available to use to help communicate these options.

Promoting PGS to your community

Many of our churches in the Diocese of York are planning to promote the Parish Giving Scheme this year and beyond, and so we have come up with some top tips to help when thinking about how to best encourage the use of it across your community. To access this resource, please click here.

As PGS is a mechanism for giving, rather than a motivational tool, it is strongly recommended that you promote the Scheme alongside an appropriate Giving Programme, which facilitates a more prayerful and fruitful response rooted in discipleship. Your Giving Officercan help you to plan and deliver this, and will provide you with useful resources and template materials.

To find out more about top tips for running Generous Giving Programmes, please click here

Our PGS Stories

The Revd Canon Jonathan Baker reflects on his experience of using PGS in Beverley Minster.

"PGS has major advantages in terms of ease of use, saving volunteer time, security, and of course in a COVID environment you're not having to handle cash - and that's been a consideration too, and a real advantage of it."

Nick Barnard, Treasurer at East Harlsey, tells us about his experience of using the Parish Giving Scheme.

“The process of signing up was really easy and the person I spoke to at PGS was fantastic.

“My experience of that has been excellent, I see it very much as a positive, making the Treasurer’s life and the Church’s life much easier. The PGS team are lovely to chat to and well informed, it was all done in a clear and concise way – its ease of use will give everyone confidence that it’s the right thing to do.

"Perhaps although the timing of this was not deliberate, it’s good for all of us to be joining a Scheme like this for sustainability – but also, on an annual basis we can keep this money flowing in so that we can go out and sustain our parish, our message and mission.”