Why online donations?

Churches rely on the generosity of their communities to enable their mission and ministry. Whilst our church buildings are closed and we are unable to receive cash offerings, it's important that we offer alternative ways for people to give. Online giving is a good mechanism to enable one-off donations from people and to act as an alternative way to give for those who regularly donate by cash or for occasional and new givers. Recommended platforms are safe and secure to use, and usually are able to claim Gift Aid on your behalf.

Basic principles

Online giving is a really good, safe and accessible mechanism - here are three simple points to get you going:

  1. Choose an online giving platform which best suits your needs. There are a few which the Church of England recommends, the most popular being Give a Little. In order to get the best rates for online giving, follow the provider links on Parish Buying which host lower rates agreed by the Church of England than going direct to the provider. To access this, please click here.
  2. Think about what message you are writing to sit alongside it. It is helpful to be honest about your situation, but also to inspire and encourage people - talk about what that giving enables in your church, what ministries are you proud of, and what your vision is as a church. Make sure you that the giving button is easy to find, and think about what profile and presence it has on your website.
  3. Promote your online giving - people won't give if they don't know about it! If you are offering online worship, you might want to include a virtual offering, guidance on how to do this can be found here. You could post about it on your social media pages, include it in email signatures and emails sent around to your community, or in any newsletters you might be sending out - don't be afraid of being proactive.

Step by Step Guide

Not sure what you need to write in each box? This helpful video has been put together by the National Giving Team, and walks you through the process of setting up online giving.

Further ideas and resources

  • The Church of England has created an animation about giving, which can be customised for your church. This video can then be inserted into your online worship, your church website or social media platforms. To access this resource, please click here.
  • Create a donation page on your A Church Near You profile. You will need to have first selected and signed up with a provider (see above), and for information on how to create your ACNY donation page please click here.

If you would like to talk more to one of our Generous Giving Officers, please click here to contact.