"Our faith starts with the most generous gift of all– God’s gift to us of life itself and new life and new hope in Jesus Christ. What we call ’generosity’ is just our response to these great gifts. I’m therefore delighted to commend these resources that help us explore God’s amazing generosity. This is what Generosity Week is all about. The stories in these podcasts, reflections and resources are moving, inspiring and encouraging. Just like in the parable of the sower, where the seed that falls on good soil grows a crop a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown, we see that every generous act grows further generosity."

Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

This year we are excited to be leading a new diocesan wide event which allows us the opportunity to spend eight days collectively focusing on nurturing and encouraging generosity. The dates have been chosen to coincide with National Generosity Week which also takes place between Sunday 26 September to Sunday 3 October 2021.

The Diocese of York's Generosity Week gives us the chance to explore how we live out our refreshed diocesan vision, values and priorities. As we think about the new 'transforming' strand of our diocesan strategy, being generous with God’s transforming gifts is key on our journey of that transformation, as we seek to put mission at the centre of all that we do. In this Diocese of York Generosity Week, may we give time and space to inspire, encourage and celebrate how generous giving enables mission and ministry to flourish, deepen our understanding of God’s generosity towards us, and explore how we can live more generously in our daily lives.

Video trailer

Take a look at the this short video trailer which introduces the Generosity Week.

"Together, we will celebrate the generosity that has helped us through these difficult times, reflect on God's generosity to us, and explore how we can grow generosity in our churches."

National Resources

As part of the national Generosity Week, a range of resources has been created, all of which can be accessed on the main Church of England website through the links below:

  • Podcast Series - eight podcasts are accompanied by a daily reflection and activity to help reflect on God’s generosity, and to activate it in our daily lives. Podcasts are available to listen to and download from all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts and Spotify.
  • Worship Materials - eight services of Morning Prayer, eucharistic and Service of the Word material, and service content packs (first Sunday to celebrate generosity and second Sunday to celebrate gratitude).
  • Discipleship Materials - a collection of two "Living Faith" sessions; one which explores and celebrates the material and spiritual legacy we have received from the things that we value, and what our role might be in passing on that legacy to future generations, the other which focuses on our place within a community, our calling to mutually give and receive, and how our generosity together enables the life and work of our churches.

Get involved!

We would love as many churches as possible to get involved in our Diocesan Generosity Week! Here are some ways in which your church can take part:

  • Share your stories. We'd love to hear from you! You could share your stories on social media, or create little videos, or just email us by clicking here.
  • Grow your giving. This is a great opportunity for you to encourage people to reflect on their financial giving to your church. Create a call to action in how people can reflect on their giving this harvest, and share the difference that resources makes for the mission of your local church.
  • Encourage your community to access the Generosity Week resources. Use your weekly notice sheet or your social media pages to encourage your community to listen to the podcasts or take on the daily generosity activity. You could even share your stories of generosity challenges when you gather on Sundays!
  • Make use of the worship materials. As Anglicans, we learn so much of our theology through our worship - make use of the Eucharists and Services of the Word, themed on generosity and gratitude, as well as services of Morning Prayer.
  • Put a flyer up in church. Share our Diocesan Generosity Week with your community by putting up a flyer in church, or sharing it on your website or social media pages. you can download our flyers at the bottom of this page.
  • Watch and share our videos. Look out for the national online service on Sunday 26th September, as well as the Archbishop's Generosity Week reflection.
  • Celebrate, give thanks and enjoy. Embed joy and celebration into your generosity conversations, giving thanks for generosity of your community and the mission which is enabled.
  • Keep the conversation going. Think of ways you can continue embedding a culture of generosity beyond our Diocesan Generosity Week, and how we generously live out Christ's story.

Getting in touch

We would love to hear your experiences and stories of our Diocesan Generosity Week! Please get in touch with the Generous Giving Team to share your comments and stories by clicking here.

Thank you for getting involved in our Diocesan Generosity Week! With our prayers as we continue in this journey of generosity together.

Promoting the Diocese of York's Generosity Week in your church

Further resources are also available to help you promote and explain the Diocese of York Generosity Week in your church:

  • On the Church of England website you can access additional marketing resources for national Generosity Week which include suggested social media copy, and a customisable video using the video generator on A Church Near You.