Prayer is the foundation of Christian discipleship, as we grow in relationship with God and open ourselves more deeply to the transforming grace of God. In the context of generosity, prayer enables us to give thanks to God for all that we are blessed with, and helps us to discern what he is calling us to give.

One of the key aspects of Anglican identity is our worship. As we worship together as church communities, we learn so much of our theology through our liturgy, we are shaped by our worship, and we are sent out as changed people to be more like Christ in the world. As we seek to grow as generous churches, we can embed a theology of giving in our liturgy, our music and our prayers, helping us to grow together as generous disciples.


In both private and collective prayer, it can be helpful to use existing prayers to guide us. Short prayers can be included in worship, to open meetings or small groups, used on printed material such as Notice Sheets and bookmarks, or shared on websites and social media.

  • Click here to download a collection of prayers, including Collects and Light Prayers, which can be used on any occasion.
  • Click here to download a Litany of Generosity and a Litany of Gratitude. A litany is a form of prayer in which fixed responses are made by the people to short biddings or petitions.
  • Click here to download the two Litanies, pointed with chants for churches with choirs.
  • You could encourage prayer in other creative ways, such as Prayer Stations.


Creating an act of worship is like a puzzle, piecing together the different elements of liturgy to build a picture - and with any puzzle, if the pieces compliment each other the finished picture is more effective. Here are some ideas and resources to help build generosity into your worship.

  • Every liturgical season reflects generosity, so it is easy to build from these. Put simply, during Advent we prepare for the gift of the infant Christ, gifts of the Magi at Epiphany reflects giving as an act of worship, Candlemas as the gift of faith entrusted to our care, Lent as we reflect on what it means to serve others and journey with Jesus as he gives up his life, Pentecost we receive the gift of the Spirit, Trinity as we see the Godhead mutually giving and receiving to one another.
  • The Offering is the more visible and tangible expression of giving as Christian people, and allows our communities to continue to offer ourselves as an act of faith and expression of our love of God. For ideas on how to include an offering, including suggestions of verses and offering prayers, please click here.
  • A collection of Bible verses, hymns and songs can be downloaded here.
  • On the theme of generosity, the following services can be downloaded: Eucharist, Service of the Word.
  • On the theme of gratitude, the following services can be downloaded: Eucharist, Service of the Word.
  • On the theme of First Fruits, the following services can be downloaded: Eucharist, Evening Prayer.
  • A Narrative of Generosity through 8 days of Morning Prayer can be downloaded here.
  • You can also include Collect prayers and the Litanies listed above in your worship.