Below are a series of video resources, made by the Generous Giving team, to help explore what it means to be generous. Please feel free to share these with your churches.

Vision for a Generous Church

This is a recording from a webinar given during Lent 2021, exploring ways to encourage a culture of generosity. This video is part of a wider consultation in shaping a strategic plan in York Minster, though the content can easily be applied for any church.

An Introduction to the Parish Giving Scheme

A short animation to introduce the Parish Giving Scheme, how it works, and the benefits to both parishes and givers.

If you'd like to find out more about PGS and how to use it in your church, please click here.

Top Tips on Promoting the Parish Giving Scheme

Former generous giving adviser, Sammi Tooze, talks through some ideas to help churches promote PGS to their communities. All suggestions are relevant to promoting the Scheme virtually, as well as in person.

If you are interested in using the Parish Giving Scheme in your parish, please click here to find out more.

Introducing the Parish Giving Scheme

Voices across the diocese endorse the Parish Giving Scheme, and share their experiences of using it.

If you are interested in using the Parish Giving Scheme in your parish, please click here to find out more.

Receiving Online Donations: Basic Principles

Former generous giving adviser Sammi shared a short video explaining the basic principles when setting up an online donation platform for your church.

For more information, and links to resources mentioned in this video, please see our online donations page by clicking here.

Using the Offering during Online Worship

During COVID-19, many churches have taken to offering online worship, to retain a pattern of prayer and connect with worshipping communities. In normal practice, the offering is the most visible and tangible expression of our giving as Christian people, and our offering practice should reflect this. On a practical level, including the offering during online worship will help to remind people that resourcing our churches' mission and ministry is vitally important now as it ever has been - and on a discipleship level, allows our Christian communities to continue to offer ourselves as an act of faith and expression of our love of God.

Being Sent: A Generous Giving Reflection ahead of Pentecost

As we approach the Feast of Pentecost, Sammi Tooze reflects on the notion of 'being sent', and what that looks like as generous churches.

"Pentecost is such a good time to reflect on the gifts we have been entrusted with, and how we use those gifts to bless others."

Love and Sacrifice

Former generous giving adviser, Sammi Tooze, reflects on the relationship between love and sacrifice.

The biblical concepts of love and gift are God’s love is gifted love, our love needs to be expressed through giving as well.

Connected Thankfulness

Former generous giving adviser, Sammi Tooze, presents a simple idea to sustain a heart of gratitude.

While our world is full of great challenge, many of us are facing difficulties. As we are all at home for some time, it is important to remember the things we are thankful for, while we navigate around issues of isolation, mental health and loneliness.