“Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from movement to movement, is given to you by God. If you devoted every moment of your whole life exclusively to his service, you could not give him anything that was not in a sense his own already”.

C. S. Lewis; Mere Christianity

What does a programme look like?

Generous Giving Programmes usually span three or four Sundays, planned in your church by a small group who meet separately to the PCC. The first Sunday launches the programme, and information packs are given out to all members of your worshipping community, which include information about your church, planned giving, and prayer. On the final Sunday of your programme, response forms are collected, and offered during worship. Throughout the programme, generosity themed events and materials can be woven into community life and worship, including prayers, preaching, discipleship courses, liturgy, and social events. After the programme has ended, the small planning team will evaluate the process and feed back to the PCC, and send a thank you letter to all members of the worshipping community.

Unsure if your church should run a programme?

The best place to start with deciding whether to run a generous giving programme in your church is to work through the Giving for Life questionnaire with your PCC. The questionnaire can be downloaded for free from the Parish Resources website by clicking here

Need some support?

Our Diocesan team of Generous Giving Advisers are available to help parishes plan and run generous giving programmes. The team exists to:

  • Speak with PCCs about generous giving, and facilitate exploring the possibility of running a giving programme in your parish
  • Work with small parish teams in planning and running programmes
  • Preach on giving and generosity
  • Provide parishes with practical resources
  • Support Treasurers
  • Advise on best use of resources, vision planning for parishes, and missional budgeting

If you would like to access this support, make an initial enquiry, or ask any questions, feel free to get in touch here