[Advert on behalf of St Mary's Church, Beverley]

We're looking for a leader who can bring fun, kindness and knowledge of the love of God to the many children, young people and families we engage with through our growing and exciting church. You will have great people skills and organisational skills, and experience (perhaps as a volunteer) of working well with children and young people.

We are privileged to have contact with many children and young people: including over 100 who meet through our Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade in a purpose built youth centre; those who join our Sunday worship services; and over 400 accessing our lunch clubs, holiday clubs and so on. You will get to know them and their families, and will cherish and nurture them in their discipleship.

You will join our warm and welcoming community as part of our leadership team, and will receive regular support and encouragement. The role also includes one day per week working with and supporting the children and youth work of other churches in the area, supported by the Diocese of York.

This is a full-time role, with funding secure for three years.

Full details and an application form are attached.

Deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 4 July 2022