Our Goal of ‘Reaching’ those in their 20s - 40s came from an analysis comparing the age profile of church participation across the Diocese with the population in the areas we serve.

Three mission initiatives are happening across the Diocese:

1. 14 full-time Ministers have been appointed to parish contexts, working alongside existing clergy there and focused on building New Worshipping Communities (NWC) primarily amongst those in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

2. 25 New Worshipping Communities with part time lay leaders to enable other parishes to establish New Worshipping Communities reaching 20s-40s.

3. St Michael-le-Belfrey (York) as a Resource Church will plant out every two years, starting in 2022, with a succession of curates and teams who will fuel the growth amongst 20s-40s.

Our prayer is that the three principal actions will help to generate a fresh enthusiasm for filling the demographic gap across our Diocese and that we will see New Worshipping Communities developing organically in many more places as the effects ripple out.

To find out more about the vision, stories of NWCs, resources and other ways we may be able to help you, visit multiplyreach.org

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