Consultations with Deaneries and Parishes took place through the spring and summer of 2021 with a view to informing Deanery-level plans for the future staffing and resourcing of our shared diocesan mission and ministry.

The first summary of the survey results was published at the end of September 2021 and can be found on the page 'Consultation Outcomes'.

Some of the resources published to inform and resource discussions in Deaneries and Parishes are still available below for information and in case they are of continuing use.

View our 12-minute video by Archbishop Stephen and others to learn about the background to our refreshed Diocesan Vision, 'Living Christ's Story', how it builds on our journey of recent years and why we need each other's help in consultations to shape its out-working in 2021 and beyond.

Archbishop Stephen introduces 'Living Christ's Story' and how it's developed out of our journey to date as a guide for our next steps as a Diocesan family. Lay and ordained members of our Diocesan Synod, staff team, Archbishop's Council and Diocesan Leadership Team explain how our refreshed vision will be shaped into plans we can implement together.

Click on the video to view, and do share it widely.

Some video animations to help you understand our diocesan finances

You can share these widely, save them, show them in church or online, and make any use of them you wish to help understand the questions we're all thinking and praying about (click the links below):

1. Where does the Diocese of York get its money from, and where does it spend it?

2. How much does the Diocese spend on Ministry?

3. What's the cost of Ministry per Ministry Unit?

4. How big are the Diocese's savings?

PCC Consultation material (PDFs):

  • Resourcing our Diocese
    Our Common Fund; where does the money come from and how is it used, and more.
  • A Toolbox of Parish Possibilities
    This offers ten ways in which our approaches to mission and ministry could be developed and reflects wisdom and good practice from our diocese and beyond.

Other downloadable resources to support your discussions (PDFs):

God our loving Father,
you have called your Church into being in your love and strengthened us for your service.
Guide and inspire us as we seek to re-shape our approach to mission and ministry in our diocese;
that we may be a joyful Church of missionary disciples,
one in heart and mind; for the sake of your kingdom,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.