A Retreat with authors of this book Drs Harriet and Donald Mowat

Ageing gives us the opportunity to deepen and even transform our spiritual lives. “The Freedom of Years” helps those who want to undertake the journey by examining the ageing task, the inevitable changes and the possibilities of joy along the way.

Harriet and Donald will create a safe space in the relaxing environment of Holy Rood House, to support us as we undertake this journey of retreat. They are now in their sixties and have spent their professional lives researching the care of older people and working in social care, and training others. Donald has worked in clinical practice as a GP then an old age psychiatrist.

They are not biblical scholars but have lent on their faith and its biblical roots throughout their lives. This has helped them understand better the human condition and the challenges of the ageing journey.

This retreat will be interspersed with liturgy in the Chapel and Elizabeth and other community members will help to hold the space as we share and learn as a community.

Harriet and Donald have recently worked with our community around ‘Ageing in Perspective’. The community found this time very helpful and are pleased that Holy Rood House is able to offer this retreat.

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Ageing in Perspective - The Freedom of Years