God's calling you... but to what? An afternoon for the young and young-at-heart to explore your vocation and help you as you look and listen for God's guidance.

  • Registration is from 12.30pm-1.00pm with refreshments available.
  • Opening worship at 1.00pm and then Keynote speaker, Kate Bruce (see below) will share her vocational journey, followed by a Vocations Market Place and a series of workshops, each will be 45 minutes, in which participants are invited to choose 2 out of the 6 on offer (see details below).
  • There will be closing worship at 4.00pm and the event will finish at 4.30pm.

Keynote Speaker: Revd Dr (Flt Lt) Kate Bruce - Why Me?

God calls all of us, to all kinds of things. It's an adventure. It's a journey of surprises. It certainly has been for today's speaker.

In following God's call, Kate has taught English, studied theology, worked in parishes, been a university chaplain, taught at Cranmer Hall Durham, tutored preachers, written some books, done stand-up comedy, recently completed military training and started as a RAF chaplain.

Sometimes she has found the path daunting, sometimes risky, sometimes hard.. but she says, 'it's never, ever, been dull'. She reflects, 'I've been a bit flaky, sometimes fragile, often an idiot. God has been faithful, full of love, patient and present. God's goodness is overwhelming.'

If you'd asked a younger Kate what the road ahead looked like she would have answered "I'll be an English teacher". She was and she loved it, but the possibilities with God are always so much more than we can imagine.

What's your passion? What are you drawn to? What are the possibilities? Come along to this vocations day and do some dreaming with God, the God of Surprises. Where will your journey take you?

Married with Children
Matt & Sarah Strand

Matt and Sarah are both ordained and live in Redcar where Matt is vicar of Kirkleatham Parish. Sarah is a part-time tutor at Cranmer Hall in Durham. Sarah and Matt have a son Zachary, who is two, with another baby due in January 2019. As a family they love the beach, good food and making each other laugh.

Please come along and ask Matt and Sarah what it is like to be a young ordained married couple in the Church of England, ask about the joys and the challenges of vicarage life with children.

Called but not Collared
Ed Cox

Ed Cox is currently the Intern for the Church of England Youth Council, a voluntary Youth Worker, Husband, Proud cat owner, and training to be a Licensed Lay Reader in the Diocese of Sheffield. As Intern for CEYC, he provides administrative support and help coordinate events. As a Lay Reader he helps disciple his congregation, spread the word of God and preaching and leading in a local church context.

Come along and speak to Ed about his calling to Reader ministry.

Brother, Sister let me serve you
Brother Finnian

Brother Finnian is 33 and has recently moved to London to live with homeless asylum seeker men. He has been a brother for 2 years and has a particular heart for marginalized and vulnerable people. He was born in the Wirral but grew up in between Southport and Preston. Between the ages of 13 to 20 he wasn't a church goer and didn't consider himself to be a member of any particular religious group but when he was 20 he went to America with 'Camp America' to teach canoeing and during that summer he had an unexpected conversion experience.

He experienced being in the Divine Presence for the first time and it changed his entire life. He went to university and joined a church, began to read the Bible and joined prayer groups. It was during this time that he discovered an interior calling to embrace the Franciscan way of life as a Lay Franciscan Brother. It took another 10 years until he finally entered the Religious Life as a Franciscan brother with the Society of Saint Francis.

Brother Finnian has become increasingly involved in supporting inquirers to religious life.

Help! I don’t think I am an Anglican

Eve Ridgeway

A year in God’s Time’ about internships

Phil Grayson & Miriam Thurlow

Called to Serve: Exploring Young Vocations