CEYC have their Northern gathering on 30th March (10 – 4) in Leeds Minster. This is open to 14 – 25s, but 14 & 15 year olds must be accompanied by their youth leader or the DYO. We would love to have representatives from the Diocese of York, so please contact Carolyn Edwards for tickets. The Diocese will cover travel expenses, but you will need to bring your own packed lunch.

CEYC seeks to be a Christ centred community where differences, similarities and experiences are all met with Grace and Love. We are a community of unconditional welcome, generous hospitality and grace where we explore what it’s like to learn from scripture and live out our faith in our society.

CEYC actively represents the young people of the Church of England by:

  • discussing and debating issues impacting on the youth of today
  • engaging in dialogue with the Church of England and the wider community
  • speaking to the wider church on behalf of the 16-25s who are part of our community by gathering their opinions, fears and joys as Christians.
  • building fruitful relationships with other denominations
Church of England Youth Council Northern Gathering