John Truscott has run time management days for us before but for this event takes the concept of identifying the special pressures clergy and others in ministry work under, noting the impacts these can have on our whole life, and offers a range of practical tools so that we can manage such stressors without going under. If you are seeking to be in ministry for the long haul, want to remain healthy, and realise you have a responsibility to role model a life that is
wholesome as well as godly, this day is for you.

The day will cover a big picture view of our work, an understanding of why ministry can be so ‘distressful’, symptoms to look out for, and practical solutions including diary planning, saying ‘no’ and taking regular ‘planning retreats’ to help us keep life as a Christian leader in perspective.

John Truscott is an independent church consultant and trainer who specialises in administrative and operational issues. He also runs the UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) and offers one-to-one work consultancy to clergy and others, usually in their studies.


CMD Event: Managing the Pressure of Ministry