The Enneagram
Friday 23rd February 5pm to 2pm 25th February 2018

The Enneagram is a subtle and complex tool for spiritual and personal development, the use of which can transform your spiritual growth and relationships.In Christian spirituality the enneagram can assist in our unfolding relationship with God. The Enneagram is a nine pointed figure enclosed in a circle. The nine personality types outline the sets of assumptions we live our lives by, feel about ourselves and relate top others. These types are grouped in to three centres: instinctive, thinking and feeling which reflect fundamental ways of approaching life and survival.

In this course we will introduce the enneagram and look at the types. In the Enneagram we discover our type by a process of reflective exploration, there is no definitive questionnaire to place us. We will also look at the further dimensions of “arrow theory” “wings” and make links to Christian spirituality and prayer.

Andrew De Smet is the Archbishop of York’s Adviser in Pastoral Care and until recently Vicar of a rural benefice he is a spiritual director and counsellor/psychotherapist, and has had an interest in the Enneagram for the last 16 years.

Who is the course for? Anyone interested in spiritual and self-development. Among others spiritual directors and counsellors will find it useful in their work and development.

Cost: £145.00 fully inclusive. Bookings through Wydale Hall, Wydale,Brompton-by-Sawdon Scarborough,North Yorkshire,YO13 9DG Website Tel: 01723 859270 Email: