Conductor: Paul Dewhurst

Soloists: Ann Wilkes - Soprano, Toby Ward - Tenor and Dhilan Gnanadurai - Bass.

Joseph Haydn wrote The Creation between 1797 and 1798 and is considered by many to be his masterpiece. The Oratorio is structured in three parts.

  • The first deals with the creation of light, of heaven and earth, of the sun and moon, of the land and water, and of plants.
  • The second treats the creation of the animals, and of man and woman.
  • The final part describes Adam and Eve during their happy time in the Garden of Eden, portraying an idealized love in harmony with the "new world".

The first public performance was held in Vienna at the old Burgtheater on 19 March 1799 and published, with the text in German and English, in 1800.

Ticket Prices

  • £12 All Adults
  • £5 Jobseekers and Higher Ed Students
  • £1 Accompanied children under 14 and 14-18 students

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  • Gough & Davy - In Person
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Haydn: The Creation with Hull Choral Union