Headteacher Mentor Scheme

(part of the Headteacher Induction Programme)

The Headteacher Mentor Scheme is designed to offer support to headteachers who are in their first year of headship in a Church of England School. It is also extended to experienced headteachers in their first year in their new post.

The wellbeing and professional development of the headteachers across our diocese is crucially important. We recognise that for headteachers moving into a new role or into a new area, it can be a time of isolation. This is at a time when headteachers are experiencing great change and sometimes facing unanticipated challenges also.

The amount of support provided by diocesan mentors will vary according to the prior experience of the new headteacher, the school’s situation and support provided by other agencies (for example, school to school/LA/other professional mentors). The scheme is designed to be sufficiently flexible to meet these individual needs, but it is envisaged that the relationship between mentor and mentee will offer informal and confidential professional and pastoral support at specific times of the year and at times as needs arise.


This programme is provided free of charge for schools in the service level agreement (SLA)

Personal invitations will be sent.