The day 'Meeting with pain' will explore how we might learn to live abundantly, even if pain or dis-ease is a central feature of life. It will look at the issues that living with chronic pain can raise from the point of view of those who suffer and those who care for them or are alongside them in any capacity.

Many of those who live with pain spend much time running from it. The challenge is to cease to run, and rather to turn around and face the pain. By doing so, it is possible to enter the distress, find the possibility of moving through it and to find a serenity and peace in the midst of dis-ease. However, such a process is costly and it calls upon both those in pain and those who care to enter upon a profound individual journey. This is a journey which touches the things of the soul. ‘Religion’ is not a requirement of the work, and the work may not need to be expressed in overtly spiritual terms. It does require however, an admission that these things are important and have their place, as journeying with pain and suffering will take us to a vastly different understanding of the world, creation and our part in it and to a different relationship with the Divine. Areas covered will include an overview of:

  • Healing and curing
  • Aspects of pain
  • The individual tools and skills we each have with which to meet pain
  • The major areas covered in the journey of meeting with pain
  • The importance of the 'Why me..?' sort of questions
  • Awareness and the mindfulness tradition in meeting with pain

The Day is open to Clergy, Readers, those involved in Pastoral Care, Healing Ministry or Spiritual Accompanying and those who experience chronic pain themselves.

Sr. Rachel is a solitary religious, living in Peterborough. Her professional background is in medicine and therapeutic counselling and currently works freelance in the areas of spiritual direction, retreat leading and spirituality as well as enabling people to live with chronic pain. Her interest in pain arose out of her own experiences of needing to learn how to 'be' in pain.

The Day will be held at York Diocesan Offices, Amy Johnson Way, Clifton Moor, York YO30 4XT. It will begin at 10am and finish at 4pm. Lunch is included. There is no charge to participants from York Diocese; for those outside the Diocese the cost is £20 (Cheque payable to ‘York DBF’ send to the address below).

For Further details contact Rev Andrew De Smet 0758 327 9459

To book your place book through Eventbrite.

Meeting with Pain: A day led by Sr. Rachel Overton