The Guild of Health& St Raphael in Partnership with and taking place at Holy Rood House Centre for Health & Pastoral Care with The Centre for the Study of Theology and Health.

We look forward to welcoming our speaker: Dr Rebecca Nye, whose lecture is supported by The Montgomery Trust. Together we will build on this lecture to develop our thinking regarding the spirituality of children who are sick. as part of our commitment to an inclusive and holistic approach to the ministry of healing.

Rebecca is a researcher, consultant and trainer in the field of children's spirituality. Originally a psychologist, Rebecca conducted a landmark empirical study of children's spirituality in the early 1990s with David Hay, (The Spirit of the Child, Hay and Nye 2006). Rebecca lectures in childhood studies and Developmental Psychology for the Open University, teaches for the Cambridge Theological Federation and leads training in Godly Play across Europe. Her current research projects include raising clergy awareness of childhood spirituality and attending to the spirituality of sick children.

Publications: Psychology for Christian Ministry (Watts, Nye and Savage 2002) Children's Spirituality: What it is and Why it Matters (2009)

We will learn together as we listen and share from our own experiences.

We will also have the opportunity to learn more about The Guild of Health and St Raphael and Holy Rood House and the ways we are all working together in the ministry of healing.

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Recognising Children's Spirituality Lecture with Dr Rebecca Nye at Holy Rood House