Following the high profile received in Selby Abbey’s 950


Anniversary celebrations, the Abbey is welcoming increased visitor numbers and can now offer opportunities for more volunteers to showcase Selby to both local visitors and the many overseas visitors who come to explore the Abbey’s rich heritage.

Would you like to volunteer at Selby Abbey but are not quite sure how? Then Selby Abbey invites those interested to a recruitment day on the 15th February 2020 to learn about volunteering opportunities and how you can help. Drop in any time between 10am. and 2.00pm at the St. Nicholas Centre in Selby Abbey to have a cup of tea, meet with staff and volunteers and discover the Abbey. There are opportunities to volunteer in the gift shop, cafĂ©, as welcomers, tour guides, education volunteers, help at events, and as heritage volunteers to help document, uncover and preserve the Abbey’s rich heritage. Whether you can spare time weekly, monthly or as a one off you are invited to explore the opportunities and join the team.

For further information regarding other Abbey events and services visit or e-mail :-