‘Stories of Reconciliation’ is a Quiet Day at the beginning of Lent led by the Reverend Canon Michael Smith, Pastor at York Minster organised by the York Minster Pilgrimage Group.

Subject of the day

We often read stories in the gospels about the wonderful things that happened to those who encountered Jesus, people were healed and forgiven so that lives which were often in chaos for various reasons became calm and ordered. Miraculous things happened to people who encountered Jesus, but how easy were those things to live with? What happened to the man who had been called ‘Legion’ after Jesus sailed away having healed him on the shore of the Sea of Galilee? How did his family and his neighbours react? What did the woman who had been caught in adultery do after Jesus had refused to condemn her and sent her on her way, telling her not to sin again? Where did she go? What was the conversation like that she might have had with her husband?

Working from gospel stories Canon Michael uses creative writing to explore the challenges that come with healing and reconciliation. Four reconciliation stories from the gospels will be shared during the day, challenging us to reflect on the impact our encounter with Jesus has on our lives. How good are we at living with the transformation offered us through forgiveness and healing in the name of Jesus?

There will also be the opportunity, for those who want to, to try some creative writing during the day.

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Stories of Reconciliation: A Quiet Day at the beginning of Lent