Our Diocese has three major projects under way to support the delivery of our vision:

  • Reaching People We Currently Don’t
  • Moving to Growth, and
  • Achieving Sustainable Finance

We are keen to engage with you on these important topics, and so Sam Rushton, has arranged a series of meetings across the Diocese. Sam, as you will know, is the Archdeacon of Cleveland and more recently has also become Ambassador for Sustainable Finance.

The meetings will be an opportunity to:

  • Outline some of the initial thinking around the work of the Sustainable Finance working group;
  • Talk about the reasons why we will be asking people to be more generous in their giving in the next few years; and to
  • Listen to your concerns and your own experiences around finance and giving to help us shape a toolbox of resources to help in your own situations

Please email Lesley Mclaren to book your place.

Sustainable Finance Deanery Forum for Treasurers: Hull